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Tammera and Kenny. Fraser River Lodge Wedding

One of my favourite 2018 weddings! I can't believe it's been over a year! I just love love love this couple.

Leading up to the wedding day my bride, Tammera, earned the name "Donut Bride". This is definitely deserving of an explanation! In order for my husband to know which client I am talking about in our conversations, I often give them nicknames associated with them, since just calling them by their names doesn't work for him. During my chats with Tammera, we discovered that we both had sweet tooths. Leading up to the wedding I would often drop off treats at her house which were often donuts from Cartem's in Vancouver. Hence, "DonutBride." On the day of the wedding I didn't want to break the tradition and so I, of course, brought her a box of treats :)

Their wedding day was filled with love and laughter! It started off a little wet and so the ceremony had to be moved inside but we lucked out and the rain stopped for formals, only to start up again just as we finished up! Tammera looked simply stunning in her unique gown and Kenny's blue suit perfectly matched the fall theme.

Kenny and Tammera recently moved to the same city as me and I love when I run into them here and there!!






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