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Disneyland Wedding

This wedding was definitely my most anticipated one of the year!! My husband is a Disneyland fanatic, and so he was more than willing to come with me and make a vacation of it. A kid free vacation!!! We had taken our kids there less than a year before, and were due for a vacation just the two of us, so why not go to the happiest place on Earth?!? It was such a neat thing to experience it just the two of us. Leading up to the wedding day we spent the majority of our days in the park, walking through the stores, trading pins, casually waiting in lines, eating super delicious food! It was great!! The day of the wedding was work mode for the both of us though. Adam was my second shooter/assistant for the day and did an awesome job! Dan and Delaine are the sweetest couple. Delaine is so caring. She for sure wears her heart on her sleeve! And Dan is so in love with her. He is willing to do anything for her, including get married in Disneyland, her favourite place. The Disney fan in that family is definitely just Delaine! Their wedding day could not have been more magical. Dan wore a traditional tux with stylish Mickey cufflinks. Delaine wore a Cinderella inspired gown and crystal shoes, and arrived to the ceremony site in true princess fashion, by horsedrawn carriage. It was breathtaking. I loved the look on Dan's face when he saw her for the first time! The morning after the wedding we got to experience something that not too many people ever get to experience. Being in the park with no one else there! We got one hour in the park just for us. We got some amazing shots of Dan and Delaine walking hand in hand down Main Street, sitting on the steps of some of the stores, and of course, posing in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. We really couldn't have asked for a better trip, and a better wedding for these two newlyweds. I cannot wait to see them again in the future, when hopefully we will be doing some sort of Disney themed maternity session ;)






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