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Tanya and Rhian. Tofino Wedding

From 2018 but one of my favourite's of that year!

I have had the pleasure of photographing so many moments in Tanya and Rhian's adventure together. I was so honoured when they asked me to capture their intimate wedding in Tofino.

Personally I had never shot such a small wedding. In attendance for their big day was their four children, one of Tanya's closest friends and her significant other, and myself. I've always known Tanya and Rhian as easy going, calm, loving people. I loved how all of it came out and created the atmosphere for the whole day. I always tell my wedding clients to take in each moment, to take moments to themselves during what is generally a hectic day, to remember the reasons they are getting married that it is about them coming together as a couple. The way Tanya and Rhian did it, I feel that they truly were able to cherish every moment.

The day before the wedding Tanya and Rhian and the kids explored Tofino and found the perfect spot for their vows. Later that day Rhian hiked up the mountain carrying up the arch that they had made from Tofino driftwood. Anything for his bride. Granted this is not the first time he had done this. For their engagement he had also made the trek to the top of a mountain with a stunning homemade arch. I had the honour of hiding and capturing that as well.

I love all of the thought that Tanya and Rhian had put into the day. All of the little unique elements were so perfect, from the skateboard cufflinks, to the antique jewellery, to the dinner on the beach. It was all 100%them.






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