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Chris and Meredyth. Puerto Vallarta Wedding

I can't believe this was almost two years ago! Just goes to show you how behind I am on blogging!

This was Mexico wedding number two for 2017. This time we headed to the west side, to Peurto Vallarta. Unfortunately Adam couldn't get time off work again so soon after our other trip to mexico and so I brought my mom along to keep me company :)

Chris and Meredyth (aka Redz). Ah, I cannot say enough amazing things about them. They found me through their friends, Dan and Janine (or Jan and Danine as i constantly accidentally call them!!) I had done Dan and Janine's wedding in Vernon about four years ago. Chris and Meredyth were there as guests, and I guess as soon as they saw the photos, they decided they wanted to hire me for their big day! From the first time I met them for coffee, I came home and told Adam, I HAVE to photograph their wedding!! They were the kind of people that I clicked with IMMEDIATELY. I just felt such an amazing vibe from them, like you couldn't help but be happy when around them!!

Chris and Redz chose to have their wedding in Mexico because it was a place they went often that had special meaning to them. I love destination weddings and I was extra excited about this one.

I always tell my brides and grooms before their big day that it's so important to not get caught up in the excitement of everything and to take a moment or two to themselves to really appreciate each other and why the event is happening in the first place. It is not about a party but about two people coming together and choosing to spend their lives together as partners, through thick and thin. Chris and Redz took this moment when just the three of us went to the beach for sunset shots. It was a stunning backdrop and gorgeous lighting. I think I would consider this to be my favourite part of the day.

I am happy to say that even two years later I keep in contact with Chris and Redz and I am so excited to say that they just recently had a baby girl, and her name is Brooklyn!!!! I can't wait for many more moments with these two!






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