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Chelsea and Jason. Fairmont Vancouver Wedding

Another 2017 wedding! Yes, I know we are almost 2 months into 2019 but I still feel to share so many of my favourite weddings that I haven't yet shared.

When I was busy photographing Steve and Chaeleen's engagement party I had someone come up to me and said that he thought we had gone to school together. Although we didn't hang out in high school, I immediately recognized him as well. Plus it turned out that him and his fiance were on the hunt for a wedding photographer. What perfect timing for us to run into each other!

Their wedding took place on a chilly November afternoon at Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. They celebrated with family, friends, and their adorable daughters. Both Chelsea and Jason have such fun personalities. I love Chelsea's goofiness. She is rarely taking anything too seriously and just enjoys every life moment, and Jason seems serious on the outside but is just as vibrant on the inside. I love that he couldn't keep his hands off of his gorgeous bride all day! :)

I know that Chelsea and Jason are lifelong friends/clients. They very recently welcomed their first boy to their lovely family. I haven't had the chance to meet him yet but I can't wait until I do!






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