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Alex and Stephen

How cool is it that my job allows me to travel around with brides and grooms?!? In May, i not only got to go to Mexico once, but twice! And with two amazing couples!!

First up was Alex and Stephen in beautiful Cancun. I remember the the first time I met these two. Alex was the chatty, outgoing one, and Stephen said maybe two words the entire time. After our second time together he opened up a little more, and by the time we went to Mexico he was much more open, but still fairly quiet. I always love couples like this because they tend to remind me of me and my husband. Adam for sure tends to be the quieter one, and I can often be a chatty kathy!!

I think one of my favourite things about destination weddings is getting to hang out with couples for a week straight, and really getting to know them AND their families!! No, I don't join in on all activities with the groups or anything, but we definitely run into each other and hang out and chat every day. I love love loved spending time with Alex, Stephen, and their whole crew!!

On the day of the wedding there was such a casual, easygoing vibe. Everyone was so relaxed and just ready for the day. Alex was so calm, and she even did her own hair and makeup! And of course Stephen was super mellow and just going with the flow. I loved that when I showed up for getting ready shots, he was writing his vows. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute right! Hahah.

I have been to Mexico 4 times now and I must say that this was one of the most gorgeous resorts we've stayed in. It was so big and I was in love with all of the gorgeous architecture throughout! And on a side note, Adam and I upgraded our room and had the most amazing deck and swim up private pool. OMG, it was absolutely perfect!!

I am so honoured that Alex and Stephen chose me to be such a big part of their special day. I truly enjoyed getting to know them. I just know that our paths will cross again and I cannot wait to see them again!






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