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Tamra and Cody. Silverstar Wedding

My first wedding of 2017!! I was sooo looking forward to this one. I hadn't had a wedding since early November and I really miss them in the off season. They truly are my favourite to photograph.

When Tamra and Cody booked me for their big day, I decided that Adam and Mikail would come as well and we could make a mini vacation out of it. Snowboarding isn't Jaeden's thing so he stayed home with my parents. :)

We drove up Friday after Adam got off of work. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. There was a gorgeous sunset, and I was trying to decide where the best spot would be for sunset photos on Friday. Saturday morning we woke, and I saw that it wasn't nearly as nice as Friday. It was overcast so I thought, ok perfect. No sunset but we won't be limited by bright midday sun. Well by the time I arrived at the girls room for getting ready shots, it was snowing. A LOT. There was a crazy amount of fog, and it was very windy!

Thank goodness Tamra was a SUPER easy going bride. Visibility was limited, family shots had to be postponed and then moved to indoor shots, and we were no longer able to go to the top of the mountain as planned, but non of it even phased Tamra!! She is such a go with the flow kind of person, which is perfect, because so am I! I loved that she took every moment in and just enjoyed her special day, even though it may not have gone exactly as planned (which I find it often doesn't).

I must say, we got some absolutely gorgeous shots with the snow!!! They wanted a winter wedding and they definitely got one. The girls boots and fur shawls were stunning. Tamra's bouquet was beautiful! And come on, a horsedrawn carriage ride in the snow. To die for!!! Tamra and Cody got engaged just one year prior to the wedding day and we were able to get some shots of them in the same location. What a cool memory for them to have captured!

I am so happy for these two, and I hope they are having a wonderful time travelling abroad right now!!!!

Oh! And when we woke on Sunday morning, it was again a beautiful, sunny day! I guess Tamra and Cody were just meant to get married in a blizzard! :)






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