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Tori and Gage. Backyard Fraser Valley Wedding

I am so glad I finally have some time to share all of last years amazing weddings!!! And I know Tori is dying for me to post this blog!

Tori and Gage's wedding was a very memorable one for me. When I told Tori I was prepping this post, I told her that just looking through the pictures brought back such clear memories. So many of the moments of the day were unforgettable for me. From Tori's nerves kicking in while getting her dress on, to her dad and brother seeing her for the first time, to the speeches, to the dancing! I enjoyed every single minute!!

There are a few things that really stood out for me about these two. When we first met, Tori told me about her brother and that he has down syndrome. She talked about how special he is to her, and to Gage. This hit close to home for me, being a mom of someone with special needs myself. Plus, I had worked with children with special needs for years. I will always have a soft spot for people like this. It was such a pleasure to meet Colton on the day of the wedding, and to get to know him a little bit. The bond him and Tori, and her sister, Summer, have is just so amazing.

And now that brings me to Summer. Oh my goodness, I could not believe this girl was only 18!! What a mature girl! Her speech!! Seriously so good!! You would not have expected someone so young to write such an awesome speech. I will definitely remember it always.

I love love loved all of the emotion of the day! I don't think I've laughed so much throughout a wedding day, and just thoroughly enjoyed myself as much. I completely forgot I was working. I was totally enthralled with the touching moments, and with the funny moments. Tori's facial expressions, and silliness was just THE best!! These two are seriously the most caring, sweetest, and funniest couple! I don't think I could write this post about them without touching base on the ongoing cupcake war these two have. If you read my blog post about their engagement shoot ( you will learn about the way they met, and how the cupcake war started. I was pretty curious to see if the wedding truce would be broken. Luckily it was not! ;)

I cannot wait to see Tori and Gage again and to see where life takes them! I just know it will be someplace good. They both deserve all the happiness in the world! :)






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