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Holly and Kyle. Fraser Valley Backyard Wedding

I was looking through my wedding blog posts recently and thought, oh my goodness I need to update those! I am the worst at blogging my weddings! I think it's because I have such a hard time choosing images. Holly and Kyle's backyard wedding from last summer was definitely no exception. I sure hope you like my images because you are about to scroll through a lot of them! ;) You have to make sure you go to the end though, because their first dance images are AMAZING!! First dance at sunset?? Yes please!!!!

I first met Holly and Kyle when I photographed Holly's sisters wedding in 2014. I immediately fell in love with the whole family! They are the sweetest and most caring family. They all have such a strong bond. I was so so excited when Holly contacted me to do her wedding.

Holly and Kyle put so much time and thought into their big day. I actually popped by the day before to see how things were coming along. The house was covered with flowers and décor, and people! Everyone in the family helped out to make the day perfect. Holly's sister, Julia, helped make all of the centerpieces, her brother, Chris, was the MC, and her dad built the beautiful head table backdrop. Kyle's mom put together the candy bar, his Nonna made all sorts of Italian treats to compliment the dessert bar, and his parents took care of the alcohol and drinks at the bar!

They chose to have the wedding on Holly's parents property in Dewdney, which happens to be shared on a large property with her grandparents next door. We had the option of numerous different looks and locations without even having to go far! I think my favourite spot was the apple orchard! How stunning are the photos with all of the bright apples hanging from all of the trees?!? Gorgeous!!!

And can we talk about how photogenic Holly and Kyle both are?? Seriously! They are natural models. I don't think it would have been possible to take a bad photo of the two of them, or their stunning wedding party!!






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