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Jessica and Kenny. Snowy Wedding Shoot

As I'm writing this post, it is heavily snowing outside...again! We have had 4 straight days of snow now. I think this may actually be the most snow I can remember coming at once. I cannot believe it. I thought we were done with snow for the year!! As much as I LOVE the gorgeous images we get in the snow, I do not love being stuck in my house for days at a time. Hopefully I will get out soon and be able to take some more gorgeous shots, like these ones of Kenny and Jessica.

Jess and Ken were married on New Years Eve and contacted me just a few days later to do some shots of them in the snow with their wedding attire. I was soooo in love with Jess' dress!!! Is it not gorgeous?!?! I love the colour! And the style is so flattering on her! She brought along a vintage shawl that actually belonged to her grandmother. It is so neat when clients have something of such sentimental value to be included in their pictures :)

It was quite chilly, especially for poor Jess who was wearing open toe shoes, but I think even she would agree that it was totally worth it!!!






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