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Sydney and Justin. Winter Session

I am always so so excited when I get to work with Sydney, from Styled by S (! We have done numerous sessions together. This time we really wanted to do some sunset snow shots, and lucky for us, the weather gods cooperated and we didn't have to go too far to get them!

One of the things that made me love Sydney is her happy go lucky personality! She just seems to have fun no matter what she's doing. I love that during our sessions she has no reservations being silly and goofy! Justin, on the other hand, is always Mr. Serious. I am sure when he's at home he is outgoing but during our sessions he is a shy and quiet guy. I've decided that one of my goals in life is to make him laugh, like truly and genuinely laugh. Maybe on yours and Sydney's wedding day, Justin?? ;)

If you follow Sydney at all, you know that she is all about fashion. This shoot was no exception. I always love a good tulle skirt and loved the one she chose to wear. And check out those gorgeous red shoes!!!

When they changed into their second outfit I noticed that Sydney's sweater had one of those glittery designs that switches when you brush them back. She had no idea it did this! You can see the surprise and excitement on her face when she realized it! Haha. A Christmas sweater now turned into a sweater for all year! Good job H&M!

Cannot wait to see Sydney and Justin again! Just wait until you see what we have in store for our Valentine's shoot :)






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