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Taryn and Spencer Engagement. Fraser Valley Photographer

When I met with Taryn and Spencer we immediately connected. Taryn told me that one of the reasons she contacted me was because she saw that I had an Alice in Wonderland pinterest board. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I attract Disney fanatics like myself!! Not only have I shot a "Rustic, Disney" themed wedding here in the Fraser Valley, but I've also shot a wedding in DIsneyland! I'm talking in the park before it opened with no one else there!! Once in a lifetime dream moment!!

Anyways, back to Taryn and Spencer (trust me I have to rein myself in when it come to Disney talk or I will go on and on, about my Disney Lego Mini Figure collection, or my stuffed Minnie that I bring with me on all vacations, or about our pin collection, or my Disney tattoo...). Soooo, Taryn and Spencer. I loved them and their personalities right away. I was sooo glad when they felt the same and booked me for their 2017 wedding.

Taryn and I have been in contact for the past few moths regarding their engagement session. I gave them some ideas for locations and they chose Osprey Village in Pitt Meadows. I had only shot there once before but I thought it was so neat! The session was filled with conversation and giggles and love! They were so easy to photograph! When Spencer proposed he had a book made for Taryn. It was a story about them and how they had met and their time together. He drew all of the pictures himdelf, and it was Disney themed of course! Oh, did I mention that they got engaged in Disneyland?!? :) When they had told me about the book at their meeting I just knew we had to incorporate it into the session. What an amazing keepsake for them to have, to show their kids and grandkids! Good job Spencer! You did well! ;)

I cannot wait until their wedding next year. I know it is going to be AMAZING!!!






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