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Jordan and Danielle. Proposal

Jordan contacted me in December of 2014 and told me he had the idea to capture his proposal to his girlfriend, Danielle. I was soooo excited about it! I had always wanted to shoot a proposal. Jordan was in the midst of getting the ring designed and didnt plan on doing it for a bit, but we stayed in contact throughout the year.

Finally in November of 2015 the day had come. We had thrown around ideas of them being out somewhere and me hiding and catching the moment, but eventually decided that Jordan would tell Danielle that they were going to do a couples session for Christmas. Jordan had wanted to propose fairly close to the beginning of the session so that Danielle didnt feel the ring in his pocket and catch on, and probably so that he didnt have to be nervous throughout the hour! ;)

We had come up with a plan that I would pose them facing each other holding hands and then I would give his arm a little squeeze when it was time. I think I was as nervous as him!

I couldnt hear what Jordan was saying but im sure there were some super sweet words. Danielle teared up almost immediately. She could not believe it was happening. Afterward we were all on a bit of a high. I think the rest of a session was a bit of a blur for the two of them. Danielle was in total shock. She had no idea.

What a cool feeling to be apart of such an amazing moment!!!!! I just love this couple and think it is so neat that I get to be apart of their journey! I cannot wait until I get to photograph their wedding next summer!







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