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Jenn and Nolan

Be prepared, this is a long one! I had so many favourite images from this wedding, I had troubles narrowing it down.

Leading up to Jenn and Nolan's wedding, the forecast just kept getting worse and worse. It was calling for the worst storm of the year so far. Thank goodness Jenn was such a relaxed bride and realized all that we could do was to prepare as much as possible and go with the flow! I went out and bought myself a pair of Hunter boots figuring I would be ankle deep in water the majority of the day, I hired my little sister on to assist during formals by holding umbrellas, and I bought enough clear umbrellas for the entire wedding party. We still had hopes that the weather forecast would be wrong, but we were prepared and ready for it!

The morning of the wedding we realized that the forecast was definitely not wrong! I couldn't believe how windy it was! When I arrived to Nolan and Jenn's house to capture the guys getting ready I actually had to wait in the car for a few moments because there were so many branches and debris being blown around!

The guys were in good spirit despite the crazy wind, impending rain, and no power. They even just laughed when the roof on the deck blew down and Nolan and one of his friends had to fix it, dressed in their suits!

The power at the house Jenn and the girls were getting ready at had power until we left, even though houses all around had no power. As any girl knows, power is important when getting ready for big events. Those curling irons and straighteners are key to gorgeous hair!

The ceremony and reception took place at Triple Swaan Nursery, which ended up being the perfet venue. Because the tent is cemented in and permanent there was no chance of it blowing away, and trust me, from the sounds of it, the wind was definitely trying to! The owners of the venue were also ready with generators if the power went out, which it did.

We chose Willband Creek Park for formal shots. It provided shelter from rain and wind, as well as some beautiful landscape. It's one of my favourite locations. Jenn, Nolan, and their wedding party were so much fun to work with! They were up for anything, they were silly, and they didnt let the rain or wind bother them! We lucked out because we ended up with lots of dry time during the formals.

Once back at the venue for the reception, the rain really started coming down. Jenn and Nolan took in every bit of the night feeling relieved that they had made it through the day with only minor issues due to the storm.

I later heard of numerous wedding nightmares due to the weather. People told me stories of tents and decor flying into lakes, venues having no power and having to cancel, and of pictures being ruined due to POURING rain and extreme winds! We were so lucky that we didn't have to deal with issues such as these! Jenn's mom sadly passed away about 10 years ago from a brain tumour. I truly felt that there was someone looking out for Jenn and Nolan that day, maybe it was her. :)






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