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Forever Love

You know when you meet someone and they instantly make a huge impact on your life?? This amazing couple were those kind of people!

I was originally contacted by their daughter, Natalie. She told me that her parents "have been married for over 50 years and are still crazy mad in love with each other." Even with her telling me this, I was not prepared for the type of session I would be doing.

Before we met up I actually did some research on posing older couples as I felt that any other elderly couple I had come across were generally happier with the standard arms around each other, look directly at the camera poses. Well I can tell you that the minute I met Peggy and Lawrence I knew that the older couple, stereotypical poses could go out the window!

These two lovebirds were one of the happiest, cutest, cuddliest couples I have ever met! I don't think they stopped touching each other in some way the entire session, whether it was holding hands, sneaking in kisses, or just a simple hand on the back.

Peggy was the sweetest woman. She was vibrant and outgoing and reminded me of a former movie star. She just shone!! And Lawrence was such a gentleman, clearly a little quieter than his beautiful star of a wife. Together they just fit together perfectly!

At one point I asked them what their secret was, how they can not only be married for so long, but to still be so obviously in love. They told me that you have to make time for just each other, to have date nights, to enjoy each others company. They also said to respect each other and to be considerate of the other persons needs. I could not agree more. What wonderful advice from two wonderful people.

These two are truly amazing and I hope that I will one day get to do another session with them! Maybe a 60 year anniversary session? :)






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