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Tat and Rhian

Anybody who knows me knows that I love tattoos. Not just getting them, but seeing other people's. In my opinion, it is a form of art. It is my love for this art that gave me the idea to photograph people with tattoos, to show the diverse group of people that have them. What was once thought of as something that only bikers and outlaws got, has now turned into something that people from all walks of life get. Young, old, different styles, different personalities. Over time I will post sessions that I have done with people with tattoos. I ask them to choose their outfit, do their own hair and makeup (if applicable). It is all them, who they truly are. First up was Tanya and Rhian. Tanya is someone I have known for years. I have photographed her and her family numerous times. When I decided to do this set of photos, she popped into my mind immediately. She and her partner, Rhian, have numerous tattoos. Being a bit of a wallflower, and an artist herself, I was not surprised when Tanya chose a thin, flowy dress and a floppy hat for the shoot. I loved Rhian in his beanie, studded belt, and cut-off jean vest. Don't be fooled by his seemingly tough look, cause Rhian is just a teddy bear and the love between these two can be easily seen in the images!






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