Todd and Keira

A little bit of rain could not keep this bride and groom from smiling! These two are such a cute couple!! Keira was so excited to marry the man of her dreams. She was not concerned one little bit about the impending showers. She was so carefree. The only thing that mattered to her was her and Todd uniting. I just loved Todd's hat, and his and the groomsmen's attire. I was so excited to see that they were wearing bow ties and suspenders. The location they chose, Barkley Brook, in Langley, BC, was unique and magical. The vintage buildings, the bridges , and the wildflowers growing along the pond, were all really great backdrops for all bridal party and bride and groom shots. My favourite part of the location was the fact that they had a boat on the pond that we could use!! I love the way the photos turned out of them on the water. Just beautiful. At the start of the reception, the wedding party came dancing in, each couple to their own song, with their own unique dance. A great way to start a night filled with love, fun, and laughter!!!