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Anne and Rod. Lavender Field Engagement

Anne contacted me online months before her and Rod's engagement shoot. She spent a ton of time planning out the perfect location and outfits. She continuously sent me photo ideas for dresses and shoes, which if you know me, I LOVE when clients do that! I really enjoy being involved in any planning processes. It's a great way to get to build relationships with the client which makes them just that much more comfortable during photos!

Anne and Rod met almost three years ago at a time when neither of them were looking for a serious relationship. They went on a few dates and realized that they just clicked. Anne says that she had never met anyone who she had so much in common with and that valued and shared her same life goals.

When Rod proposed it was completely out of the blue, even Rod himself didn't know he was going to do it then. The couple had been out house hunting when they got in a big argument. The plan for that evening was to go to friends house for dinner, and even though they had a fight, they chose to still go. When there Anne said that Rod kept looking at her from across the room. She approached him and asked if they were ok. His response... "Will you marry me?" Anne couldn't believe it , She thought it was some sort of joke. Rod assured her it wasn't. It appears that the fight they had made Rod realize just how much he loved Anne despite hardships and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The next morning he went out and got her a ring. Their story may not be "traditional" but it is one that is special to them. I always feel that the ones that are unique are the best ones.

Anne and Rod were planning on getting married this coming summer but with all that has been happening they decided to secretly tie the knot just the two of them. A little while later I got to do some formals with them. I am so happy I got to be apart of their unity, even if it wasn't what any of us had envisioned.






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