Schutte Family

This family has one of the coolest stories I think I've ever heard. I met Skye and Dwayne years ago, before there first child, through our good friends. They were high school sweethearts and had been married for a few years when we met. They had been trying to get pregnant with no luck. They had moved on to the process of adopting and after much time and heartache, came home with little their little boy, Sawyer.

Not too long afterward, by a complete miracle, Skye found out she was pregnant! I was lucky enough to do their maternity photos and Skye was just glowing. They had an adorable little girl, Georgia, who surprisingly looked just like her big brother!

Some time later Skye and Dwayne decided to adopt another baby. They headed to Japan and stayed for months and came home with little Noa. We did these family photos to celebrate their new family of 5. It was very soon afterward that Skye made the surprising announcement that she was yet again miraculously pregnant! They figured it happened when they were in Japan.

What an awesome and blessed family!

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