Janelle and Linden. Tulip Festival Engagement

You can't go wrong with engagement photos in a beautiful field of tulips! I met Janelle while working with the I Like Her Style Vancouver team. She was a model for a bridal styled shoot we did. She made a STUNNING "bride" then and I know she will be a stunning bride on her actual wedding day!

Janelle and Linden met 7 years ago at Royal Roads University in Victoria while he was studying Business Commerce and she was studying Communications. They moved to Vancouver together shortly after and have spent their time They got engaged two years ago at Johnson's Canyon in Banff.

After being engaged for two years, Janelle and Linden have recently started planning their wedding. The piece of advice she recently shared about wedding planning is, "At the end of the day, no one really cares what your wedding is like. Stop thinking about everyone's opinions. They'll forget about it in just a few weeks, so just do what is authentic to you." I couldn't agree more, Janelle :)

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