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2018 Wrap Up

Well 2018 was definitely a year to remember! It was by far my most successful year for my business. I met some of the most amazing people, had some awesome adventures, and achieved some great business goals!

I had the opportunity to meet and work with so many fellow business women. A couple women I spent a number of hours with in 2018 were Jody and Kyla from the wonderful I like Her Style Vancouver magazine ( In February they asked me to shoot the cover and a number of other articles for the magazine. I had the honour of shooting many fellow women and businesses with them, including Aly Armstrong from Events by Aly, Nira Arora from 94.5 Virgin Radio, Mel and Nikki from Free Reign, Karlene Karst, Mark and Carly from White Table Catering, Jamie from Styling the Inside, and Monty from Blush Bridal.

Jasmine Hoffman ( and I made some amazing memories together. From bridal styled shoots, to tulip prancing, to a number of shared dinners and drinks. Jasmine is super sweet and I love her attitude in life. She is who she is and doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. I think one of my favourite moments with her in 2018 was when we were out for dinner and she was wearing a tutu and 6 inch heels (no surprise there) and someone asked her what the occasion was. Her response: "Life." Yessss girl!! Love it! Never change.

I didn't meet this next woman this year, but I got to see her and work with her so much in 2018, and she is just such an inspiration to me! I have known Maria from Niche Boutique Florals ( for about 4 or 5 years now. She has been in the wedding industry for a number of years as a florist and stylist. This last May though, she opened up her very own storefront in Fort Langley. I was able to spend so much time with her photographing many of her first moments at the store. I am just so very proud of her!

I met Claire Roy, influencer/content creator, in just the funniest way. I was at The Habit in Abbotsford shooting some lifestyle shots with Sydney Power when I happened to overhear a woman talking about how she was in business for herself and that there are so many other great business women. I spoke up and said that I completely agreed and that I had met so many amazing and successful woman. We got to talking and it turned out that she was in need of a photographer and I just happened to shoot in the style she was wanting. We immediately hit it off, exchanged information, and the rest, as they say, is history! She has now become someone that I not only value as a client but also consider a wonderful friend.

I always talk about the opportunities that photography has provided me. There are so many events and adventures that I would never do if it weren't for my amazing job. In 2018 I got to go on not one, but two helicopter adventures. The first with Nick from Compass Heli Tours ( I got to capture a super sweet and special proposal (more on this story in another future blog post). The second was with Blackcomb Helicopters. Melanie and Paul (one of my 2019 wedding couples) had the best idea of doing their engagement shoot at the top of a mountain. Again, more on that in a coming-up blog post. Little spoiler alert from that one: my husband, Adam, has recently started doing videography and this was one of the first things for him to shoot. I will be posting the video along with the post! :)

In 2018 I drove out to Vancouver more times than I can count. I photographed wedding shows, fashion shows, galas, bridal shoots, businesses, families, weddings, and much more!

I have always heard people talk about Tofino and what a wonderful place it is, and in 2018 I was able to finally travel there. My amazing clients, and friends, Tat and Rhian, had an intimate wedding on the beach with just them and their kids. They asked me to come along to capture it and I was ecstatic. It was my first time going to Tofino. It was a long way to go but it was beautiful! The beaches and rocky cliffs were so cool, and I love how remote it is.

I also got to go to another location I had never been to. I was able to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican and photograph Lesley and Peter's wedding. Adam wasn't able to get the time off work and so I asked a couple girlfriends to go with me. It was actually my first girls trip and it was so fun!

At the beginning of every year I sit down and write out a list of goals I want to achieve for my business in that year. In 2018 I by far met every goal I set out to achieve! I had hoped to book 12 weddings for the year and instead had 18! I must admit that 18 was a little much, when you take into account all of the other work I was doing and that I have a family, but I got it done and am so thankful for my success!

Another goal was to get my work in a magazine. I not only got my work into I Like Her Style, but also got the cover twice and had an article about me printed in it! I was so excited about it when the first cover issue came out in April that I drove to Kyla's, picked up a whole box of magazines, and proceeded to drive them to my closest friends and family.

It was such a great year that in a way I'm sad that it's over but I know that 2019 is going to be another one to remember. I again have a number of weddings already booked, plus a number of new business relationships I will be starting. Bring on 2019!!!!!!






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