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Snow Queen Styled Shoot

I met Michelle from Michelle Banich about a year and a half ago. I was photographing her cousins wedding, and she was doing the makeup. We decided to plan some shoots together. I can't even remember what our first shoot was, but I know I have loved everything we've done together! I feel like Michelle has a mind similar to mine, a little out there ;)

Because of busy schedules we usually plan shoots fairly last minute. This snow queen shoot with the gorgeous Carli Hall was no exception. I think we planned it a couple days before. We just thought we would throw Carli in her prom dress in the snow.

On the morning of the shoot Michelle texted me a picture of a snow queen looking headpiece, and was like, "Oooh, we should do this!" Haha, it was like 2 hours before we were supposed to start shooting. Sooo off to Micheals and Winners I went. I found a bunch of supplies, and once we put it together I was super impressed!! It actually looked VERY similar to the one Michelle had seen that morning.

I was so happy with the way the shoot turned out. I must say that I am glad the snow is gone, but it sure made for some gorgeous pictures!! Plus, the three of us have so much fun when we shoot together! :)






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