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Family. Fraser Valley Photographer

I wrote about Caitlin Fladager last week on the blog. She came to me for a boudoir session. Not long after I had the opportunity to meet her whole little family for a chilly winter shoot.

If you have not heard of Caitlin, let me tell you a bit of her back story. She is just 23 and is married to her high school sweetheart, Noah. Her and Noah met when they were 16, had their first child (a daughter) at 19, got married at 20, and had their second child (a son) at 21. A few years ago Caitlin posted a video of a collage of images of her and Noah throughout the years, and it went viral! Since then she has attained hundreds of thousands of followers on both Facebook and Instagram.

Her and Noah now share moments of their lives on social media as inspiration to other young families. They not only share the good, but also talk about the work that goes into a marriage, and raising a family.

What I love about them both is that despite their internet "fame" they are so incredibly humble and genuine still!!! I am looking forward to the next time we get to shoot together!! :)

You can check out Caitlin and her family here! :)






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