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Pregnancy Announcement!

When my good friend, Michelle, from Michelle Banich Makeup, messaged me one night in July and let me know she was pregnant, I immediately thought, oh my goodness, we have to do a pregnancy announcement with Mila! (her daughter)

First off I have to tell you about the way in which Michelle found out she was pregnant. Her and her boyfriend, Connor, were shopping at Walmart, and they happened to pass the section with pregnancy tests. Michelle saw one on sale and thought it was a good price so she bought one. Then, for no reason at all, she decided to use it when she got home. Just for fun basically. Umm...not weird at all Michelle. Haha.

At first the test showed up with a minus sign and Michelle thought, phew. She put the test on the counter and when she went to throw it away a few minutes later that minus had turned into a plus! To say her and Connor were shocked would be an understatement. She tried getting ahold of me and I didn't answer right away so I got repeated messages. I believe her exact messages were,



"I'm going to have a heart attack"

I was SUPER excited, and once the shock wore off so were Michelle and Connor. We got to planning the announcement session soon after they found out. I LOVE the way these images turned out! They are exactly what we had in mind. Is Mila not the most adorable little girl?!?! I am so excited to meet their newest little one (a boy this time). Because I am such a slacker with blogging it's just 8 shorts weeks before his arrival!!! Eeeek can't wait!! :)






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