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Disneyland 2016

Ok people, this is probably the most important blog post of the year! Did you all know that I LOVE Disneyland, and anything Disney related?!? Have I ever told you about how my love of Disney developed?

When I met my husband, Adam, 11 years ago he was already obsessed with Disney. His sister was as well. They constantly talked about the numerous times they had been as kids, reminisced about the rides, and got so excited. I had only been once as a child and I was only 8 so I didn't remember too much about it. I would always tease Adam and his sister about what dorks they were. I thought it was so funny. How could someone love Disneyland so much?!? Over the years though, I slowly began to understand their obsession.

The first time we went together our oldest was 7 and our youngest was 10 months old. It was good. We had lots of fun, but I still didn't get what was so great about it. I wasn't a ride person. I had always been scared to go on roller coasters, or any ride that was slightly scary.

The second time we went, our oldest was 10 and our youngest 4. This time we went with Adam's immediate family. So his sister was there as well, and together her and Adam were like kids again. They talked about the memories they had at certain rides, and really embraced all of the joy of it. Being with them made me see the magic in Disneyland a little bit more. On this trip I bought my first pair of Minnie ears. This was also the first trip I was brave enough to actually go on any of the bigger rides. I suddenly realized that i LOVED roller coasters. Who would have thought!

The third time we went, it was actually just me and Adam. I had booked a wedding there with Dan and Delaine (you can check it out on my blog post here, ). Since we had brought the kids less than a year before we decided to go just the two of us. I would say that this trip was when I really really began to understand it. I really let go and just completely immersed myself in it all! We bought lanyards and began pin trading (SO fun!! If you haven't done it while there, you definitely need to!) I ate double scoop ice cream cones every day. I went to Minnie's house and got a picture with her. We went on every ride, in every store. It was amazing. When we got home I decided that I was going to even get a Disney tattoo. I got a Minnie bow of course!

Our most recent trip was just this past July. We had talked about going for a couple months but were trying to figure out when a good time would be. Adam recently got a new job and has specific holiday time. And of course we have to work around my weddings. We were debating whether or not to even go this year, just because life was so busy, but finally, about a week into july, we said let's just do it! And booked for the last week of July.

The kids are now 13 and 7. Jaeden (our youngest) was excited. Our oldest, Mikail, had decided that he liked Mexico better though, and wasn't as excited. Once we got back though, he had completely changed his mind! I think he had just forgotten how much fun it is :)

I was so so excited to go. I really find that it is my happy place. I can completely relax. I can just be a kid again. I wear my Minnie ears (I get new ones every trip). We pin trade. We eat whatever we want. Mikail and Adam both LOVE churros and I love the ice cream cones. I go all out. Double scoop. Chocolate dipped waffle cone. Go big or go home right?? Haha.

So now Adam and I both share the same love of Disney. I joke around with him that he eventually rubbed off on me. We are both Disnerds. We even talk about one day renewing our vows there. How cool would that be?!






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