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Special Moments of 2015

As 2015 is very quickly coming to an end, I sit here and reflect on my 3 years as a professional photographer, and especially on this past year. It was a year filled with many wonderful moments, both in my business and personally.

I can't believe how much my business has grown over the past few years. If you had told me 4 years ago when I purchased my first camera that I would be where I am today, I never would have believed it. I have always loved photography and finally decided to spend some money and buy a decent camera to take some pictures of my boys. My passion for it was immediate, and when friends and family started asking me to take pictures for them, I realized that maybe I could make something of this.

One of the things I truly love about photography is all of the people I get to meet, and the opportunities that are available to me. Here are just a few of some of the incredibly special moments for me and my business of 2015!!

In December 2014 I made a list of business goals for 2015. One of these goals was to get published in Wedluxe. We started off the year with an AMAZING styled shoot. This was the first big styled shoot for me. Maria, from Niche Events Stylists, and I worked hard at putting together a beautiful Tuscan inspired bridal shoot. I was so excited to hear back from the Wedluxe editor in early February that we would be featured in March! First few months of the year and already I could cross off one of my goals!!!

In September of 2013 my niece, Alexcia, tragically passed away. It was a very difficult time for my whole family, especially my sister. In February of this year my adorable nephew Austin, Alexcia's brother, was born. What a beautiful baby boy!! He is a little ray of sunshine that brings smiles to all of our faces. I know that Alexcia must be watching over him.

Every year I seem to hear about more and more people having cancer. This summer I chose to do something for those battling the disease, something that would maybe bring a little brightness to their day. I held two days of free mini sessions and met some really great people. I was so happy that I could capture some lasting memories for them.

Catrina and Markus contacted me earlier this year about doing photos for their adoption portfolio. What a special couple! They shared with me their struggles of getting pregnant and their decision to go forward with embryo adoption, which I had never even heard about before meeting them. Shortly after their session they were chosen by a family and will be going for implantation early in 2016. I can't wait to do their maternity photos!!!

How cool is this?!? My job is so great. I get to be apart of such special, amazing moments!! This was my first proposal shoot and hopefully not my last! Danielle had no idea that Jordan would be popping the question during our couple's session. Jordan and I had been planning it together for quite some time. We even had a signal as to when he should do it. I posed them facing each other and pretended to adjust Jordan's coat, but instead gave him a little squeeze. I think I was almost as excited as them!

This couple was so inspiring!! Married for years and so in love still. I left this session feeling so positive and upbeat. I only hope that my husband and I are this much in love years down the road.

I am always honoured when I get to be apart of people's lives. This year has brought much happiness and growth to my own life. I know that years down the road I will remember all of this years moments. And I know that photography will continue to bring even more joyous experiences and people to my life! I love my job!!!






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