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Holidays. Part Two

Well I wish I could say that by the third day of our staycation we had beautiful sunny weather, but I can't. We decided that the only thing to do was to embrace the rain and enjoy ourselves!

At a previous wedding this year, the bride had wanted to go to Cultus Lake for photos. I hadn't been there in quite some time, and when we got there I noticed a new adventure park. I knew that Jaeden (our youngest), being the crazy thrill seeker that he is, would love it. He always loves when we go to Disneyland, but we haven't been yet when he's been tall enough to go on the more daring rides.

Jaeden loved the "red roller coaster" and wanted to go on it over and over. He also loved what he called "the tower of terror". It was the hellivator type ride that goes up and down. My favourite ride at Disneyland is the Tower of Terror so now I can't wait to go back and bring Jaeden on it. He will love it!!

Mikail (our oldest) is not quite the daredevil that Jaeden is. He definitely needs more convincing to go on certain rides. Adam convinced him to go on the spinning, swaying one. Mikail enjoyed it but I think Adam regretted it afterward when he felt nauseaus for the rest of our time there :S

Eventually it started not just raining, but pouring, so I had to put the camera away, but I can tell you that we left completely SOAKED, but completely happy with our little adventure!






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