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Holidays. Part One

Normally when my husband takes time off of work we go away somewhere, whether flying, taking ferries, or driving hours. This summer we decided to do more of a staycation for his week off, since I had numerous weddings and we will be going to Mexico in November :)

I wish I could say that the time off started great! That it was relaxing and carefree, and that we had great weather the entire time, BUT instead I get to tell you that it started off with a car accident, a hotel booking at the wrong hotel, and a forecast of rain, rain, rain! I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was definitely a little stressful.

We decided to spend the first couple of days at Harrison Hot Springs, swimming in the pools and hanging out on the beach. When we arrived we went to check in at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel and Spa they couldnt find our booking. Adam had booked it weeks before so we were very confused. When he showed them our booking confirmation, they told us we had booked the wrong hotel! Oops!! Took a couple hours but we finally got it all sorted out and were able to check in (not going to mention that we had to also pay for the other hotel because of last minute cancellation. Oops again).

Whenever we stay in Harrison we spend a great deal of time in the pools there. The kids love it because all kids seem to love swimming. And I love it because they are so warm, especially when it's chilly outside, which it was. At one point it even POURED rain while we were in the outdoor one. The kids thought it was great!

I was so excited when Adam surprised me with an appointment for a massage at the spa on our second day there! I cannot tell you how bad I needed it after so many days of weddings this summer and carrying around gear for hours!! It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Soooo relaxing. I had the BEST masseuse. She was so sweet. If you ever go to the spa there, be sure to ask for Beth!!!!

Because of the rainy weather, there was no hanging out on the beach or walking around the shops much but we did go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Adam and I decided on a Skor caramel apple to share, Jaeden got chocolate and sprinle covered marshmallows on a stick (much more appealing to a 6 year old than to an adult I'm sure), and Mikail got a cookies and cream ice cream. I had never had one of the caramel apples from there, but boy was it good!!

After two days in Harrison it was time to leave and be off to our next staycation adventure! Be sure to check in in a few days to see what we did next!






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