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Schutte Family Maternity. Fraser Valley Photographer

Seriously, how gorgeous is Skye?!? One of the most beautiful pregnant women I've ever met!! And what an amazing story her and her husband, Dwayne, have.

Skye and Dwayne are high school sweethearts. They were married in 2009. After getting married, they tried repeatedly to get pregnant. For years they had no success. It was very hard on them both but they are such positive people and chose not to let it bring them down. They eventually made the choice to adopt. It was a long road, but they got to bring home adorable baby Sawyer in 2013. They finally had the little family they had dreamed of!

Once Sawyer turned a year and a half, they made the decision to start the adoption process again. They knew that it could take time, and that it can be a heartbreaking road. They were eventually chosen and found out it was going to be another boy! They were ecstatic.

Just weeks before their new baby's arrival, Skye began to feel different. Something felt off. A family member suggested maybe she was pregnant, but Skye refused to believe it was even a possibility. With much convincing from the family member, Skye took a pregnancy test. She could not believe the results. She was pregnant!!! It was an absolute miracle.






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