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Bobbi and Scott. Fraser Valley Backyard Wedding.

Well I just could not cut down on the images from this wedding! If I had to pick a favourite wedding of 2015, Bobbi and Scott's would definitley be a top contender. I loved everything about it! From the hand painted table seating chart (painted by Bobbi's dad), to the stunning vintage inspired lace gown, to the bar made by Bobbi's brother, and of course all of the amazing vintage decor bought at thrift stores. It all came together to create an amazing day!

When I first met Bobbi I immediately fell in love with her and her family. What an awesome bunch of people! Her dad, Kirk, is so enthusiastic about life, and was soooo excited to have the wedding on his property, which is also where Bobbi grew up. On the day of our consultation Kirk showed me all around the property and told me about all of the amazing ideas they had for the day. I can say that I don't think I have ever met a father so enthusiastic about a wedding. It was great!! You could tell that he just wanted his daughter's day to be perfect.

In the days leading up to the wedding, we had boughts of really icky weather, lots of rain, and quite chilly. Bobbi and Scott prepared for the worst! On the day, I was so happy to see that the forecast called for no rain, and even some sun throughout the day!! It ended up being the perfect weather, not too hot, not cold, no rain. I think it may have actually been the only day that didn't rain that week!

I find it super hard to pick a favourite moment from their wedding. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I loved when Bobbi opened her beautiful gifts from Scott. She struggled to keep back tears. I loved when they saw each other for the first time. They were so happy, so excited. I loved seeing Kirk walk Bobbi down the aisle. His last time, as Bobbi is the yougest and her older sister is already married. He seemed so proud. I loved all of the moments captured between Bobbi and Scott throughout the day, all of the loving ones, and even some silly ones. I loved all of the decor. You could tell so much thought, time, and care went into every decoration. I loved the reception and all of the speeches. Some were so touching, and others really funny. Ahhh, I just loved it all!!!! So thankful Bobbi and Scott chose me to photograph it!! :)







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