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Baby Kate

I met Russ and Michelle and little Patrick during an extended family session last May. Michelle messaged me not long after letting me know that she was actually pregnant and was looking for someone to do newborn shots. We had planned for early January, when she was due, but I got an unexpected message in mid December letting me knwo that little baby Kate had come early!

It was only fairly recently that I stopped doing studio style newborn sessions and decided to stick to lifestyle sessions and I am so happy that I did. I love the look of the images of baby and family all in their home. Also, because Im such a sucker for details, I love getting images of nurseries!

When I arrived at their house Patrick was super nervous of me. He didnt want much to do with me but very quickly he warmed up and we were buddies! He read me a story while his new sister Kate was getting fed, and showed me his new big boy room. So cute!!

Kate was so great during the session! Hardly made a peep the entire time. She even let me put some wraps and cute little hats on her. I think my favourite moment of the day was when Patrick got to hold Kate and did not want to give her back! He just kept saying no when Russ or Michelle tried to take her. Adorable!

Im thinking that more newborn lifestyle sessions in 2016 should be one of my goals. What a great way to get a baby fix!







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