Matt and Bryana. Furry Creek

I've been waiting for almost two years to write this blog!

I met Matt and Bryana just over two years ago when they won an engagement session with me. I held a contest asking couples to send me their proposal stories. Matt and Bryana met at hockey camp at the young age of 15 and have been together ever since. In 2013 during a City and Colour (one of Matt and Bryana's favourite bands) concert at the PNE Matt decided to pop the question. Other concert goers around them noticed what was going on and the crowd errupted in cheers, which prompted the band to stop. The lead singer acknowledged what happened and dedicated the next song to them. This was all caught on tape and can be viewed on youtube!

What a cool keepsake of such a special moment!!! After the concert, the band also gave Matt and Bryana the song set list from the night.

Almost immediately after our engagement session Matt and Bryana decided to go ahead and book me for their wedding. To say I was excited would be an understatement! These two are some of the most genuine and sweetest people I have ever met! I anxiously awaited the two years for their big day!

A few days before the wedding, and even up to the day of, called for rain and dark cloudy weather. We were all surprised when the weather ended up being absolutely perfect!! No rain at all and even bouts of sunshine!

Matt and Bryana put so much thought into the decor, making the majority of the items themselves.The unique string made table numbers were something I had never seen before!

I loved the teal and coral colour theme that they chose, which are Bryana's favourite colours. During the engagement session she even incorporated these colours into the session with her clothing choices.

Recently Bryana's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, fought it for a year, and is currently in remission. Matt and Bryana decided that instead of clinking of glasses to get them to kiss during the reception, they made a jar that donations could be put into. All of the donated money went to their breast cancer walking team for the Run for the Cure! What an amazing thing for them to do! Fifteen years ago my mom was diagnosed with aggresive breast cancer and has been in remission for fourteen years so this hits close to home for me!

I think my favourite part of the whole day was Matt's reaction when he saw Bryana for the first time. He was set on not knowing anything about the dress or any details beforehand, and when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time you could just just see the struggle on his face to hold it together. This is truly a couple filled with extreme love and respect for each other. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!!!

Venue: Furry Creek Golf Course

Make-up: Flawless Appeal

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